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Colour, size and style vary with every wedding but something that will never change is Cottage Garden's ability and expertise in creating beautiful wedding arrangements for each individual client. Here in Kempston we have provided a wedding service for many years so we have plenty of experience in catering for any type of wedding.

Most of our clients come to us with the dream of being surrounded by stunning flowers on their special day, with gorgeous colour and fragrance radiating every which way you turn. The Cottage Garden, Kempston can turn that dream into a reality and help to create your perfect fairytale wedding. Besides the bride, flowers are probably the most visually important aspect of the day. Think about what setting you want to create; stylish, modern, romantic, luxurious, rustic or unusual you may have always had a theme in mind; African, Vintage, Hollywood, gothic whatever it may be, we can advise you on how to best achieve this with flowers from the Cottage Garden Bedfordshire.

Not every bride desires a grand wedding. You might wish to keep it small and simple and sometimes all it takes is a small posy or a single flower arrangement to compliment your day. Perhaps you don't want anything too showy or it could be you are trying to minimise costs, whatever your taste or budget is, satisfying your requirements is our target.

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